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    Modern style is more inclined to scientific and reasonable structural technology, and attaches great importance to the performance of each material. The living room is a wood veneer to the top and the stone of the TV wall reflect each other, making the progressive connection of the whole space stable and hierarchical. Bauhaus's pragmatism enjoys both comfort and beauty. The living room does not have excessive decoration. Everything starts from the function, pays attention to the appropriate modeling proportion, the clear and beautiful spatial structure, and emphasizes the bright and simple appearance. Jazz white stone TV wall with honey color wood panel is simple and warm, cross screen is also a unique landscape, walnut color cross white egger board is soft and fashionable, landing doors and windows make the lighting effect excellent, and the whole space is atmospheric and comfortable.            

    The dining room and kitchen on the lower ground floor are open to let the space bright and transparent, with few decorative elements, a large number of white space, right angle lines, aesthetic feeling without too much stacking and repetition. Simple collocation of dining table and chair is a landscape. Maybe it's a bunch of flowers, maybe it's a ray of light, maybe it's a meal, and it's like living a happy life. The second floor master bedroom is full of creative and personalized ornaments, which can add a lot of color to the modern style. The large sliding door of the master bedroom terrace allows more lighting. Slow design features, pay attention to the excavation of space color and body changes.

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